Backend Developer
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Job Title
Backend Developer

Job Description
You will develop web service and smartphone applications related to the digital fabrication industry; such as 3D printing. You will be assigned from planning APIs to implementing web service/ backend of applications.

At least 1 of the requirements shown below.
  • Experience in web service development in usage of Python(type of 2.7) or Go language
  • Experience in web service development using Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Service

Preferred Qualifications
  • Web application development and operation
  • Experience in Unit test development
  • Have experienced to lead and manage large-sized web service development
  • Experience using Google App Engine
  • English - Conversational Level
  • Familiar with Git

We Need A Person Who…
  • Who creates products with user-centric thinking
  • Who develops agilely
  • Who stays positive in various circumstances
  • Who respects team members
  • Who pursues to learn and understand new knowledge and technology
  • Who pursues the quality of products
  • Who can ask or research when he/she is facing to things he/she doesn't know
  • Who can propose about our service or application function

Compensation and benefits
  • Salary : 5 million - 12 million yen per a year
  • Employee pension, employment insurance and social insurance
  • Commuter allowance
  • You can use 3D printer whenever you want (We cover the cost of filament)
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