Intern (Software Developer)
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Currently, we do NOT accept interns from outside Japan.
Job Title
Intern (Software Developer)

Job Description
You will join kabuku team and work as a member of kabuku. You will acquire ability and knowledge about startup business, digital fabrication, 3D printing and E-commerce. Startup business is so fast and dynamic that you will enjoy it!

You apply requirements shown below. * at least 1 requirements among a, b and c
  • Experience of 3DCG application development(a)
  • Experience of using 3DCG software or 3DCAD software(b)
  • Experience of web application development(c)
  • You are interested in using your knowledge and research on 3DCG/CAD for startup business
  • You are interested in startup
  • You are interested in digital fabrication
  • You love new technology

Preferred Qualifications
  • Basic knowledge of computer graphics
  • Basic understanding of math and physics theorem related to computer animation
  • Experience of using OpenGL/li>
  • Experience of using Python
  • Smart phone (iOS/Android) application development using Unity
  • Application UI design with UX view point
  • Familiar with 2DCG graphics software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Experience of planning games
  • Web application development and operation
  • Familiar with git
  • Programming skills to build website using framework and library like twitter bootstrap or jQuery
  • Knowledge and Experience using latest development method like Sass, Dart and AngularJS
  • Familiar with 3DCG graphics software

Who We Need
  • Who create products with user-centered thinking
  • Who respects team members
  • Who stays positive with adverse circumstances
  • Who pursues the quality of products
  • Who develops agilely
  • Who can study or ask when he/she is facing to things he/she doesn't know
  • Who loves to study new technologies
  • Who can propose about our service or application function

Compensation and benefits
  • Intern term: (3 month -)
  • Salary: negotiable
  • Commuter allowance

Application flow
  1. Screening of application form
  2. Interview (2-3 times)