Machine Learning Engineer
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Job Title
Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description
Your role will be based around developing a deep learning model to classify 3D data and extract information from blueprints, as well as implementing a web service backend for applications incorporating the deep learning model. Your responsibilities will include data flow optimization, model accuracy tuning as well as improving both training and prediction speed.

At least 2 of the requirements shown below.
  • Experience in development using machine learning and deep learning frameworks
  • Experience in development of image processing technologies
  • Experience in web service development using Python(version 2.7 or 3)

Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience in development using Keras or Tensorflow
  • Experience in developement using Python
  • Experience ranking highly in competitive programming
  • Experience developing an object detection model using images from a small supervised dataset
  • Experience contributing to a deep learning framework
  • Expert knowledge of image processing
  • Experience competing at a CVPR competition
  • Experience presenting at international conferences
  • Experience ranking highly in Kaggle
  • Familiar with Git
  • English - Conversational Level
  • Experience in Unit test development

We Need A Person Who…
  • Creates products with user-centric thinking
  • Develops agilely
  • Stays positive in various circumstances
  • Respects team members
  • Strives to learn and understand new tools and technologies
  • Pursues the quality of products
  • Can ask or research when they are facing things they don’t know
  • Can propose improvements to our services’ or applications’ functionality

Compensation and benefits
  • Employee pension, employment insurance and social insurance
  • Commuter allowance
  • You can use 3D printer whenever you want (We cover the cost of filament)
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