Rinkak & Unitcom will Co-hold the International 3D Printing Contest 「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK DESIGN CONTEST」extend the limit before 31th Oct.
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■ Entry site (released in late August)


The ¥1,000,000 “「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK DESIGN CONTEST” 」is an international 3D design contest co-held by “「LEVEL∞”」, the brilliant gaming PC brand, and Rinkak, the marketplace focusing on 3D Printing technology.

By using 3D printing technology, the customers will be able to individualize the air outlet partsvent on the PC case. And now we are inviting everyone to join this attractive contest and make innovations!

For the winners, the total prize amount will be ¥1,000,000, their works will be sold on Rinkak.com, and they will get support to help sell the products at the retail shops.

And all the participants will be given a prize for actively engaging in this event. We are waiting for you!


It is a gaming PC brand that developed by the high-spec PC line “「LEVEL∞”」,
and can be individualized by 3D printing technology.

■ Entry Guidelines
Based on the openpublic 3D data of the air outlet partsvent, which is placed on the front ofon the gaming PC case of the gaming PC “「iiyama PC LEVEL∞」”, designers will be able to use 3D printing technology to customize different styles.
In order to seek for a wide varietydiversify ideas and insights, we are opening 3 different categories:
Art: ideas with styling and fashion
Product: ideas with convenience and practicability
2D Graphic: 2D graphic designs with characters or patterns

■ Screening criterion
・Idea’s originality
・A good sense of art and design
・Possibility to customize the PC
・Feasible for 3D printers
(for 3D printing materials, please refer to the following link: https://www.rinkak.com/jp/materials?hl=en)

■ Examiners
・Tamaho Shigemura (CEO of Algorithm Design Laboratory Inc. / Architecture & Environment Ddesigner/ BIM Cconsultant)
・Yuji Fujimura (Autodesk Fusion 360 Evangelist)
・Yasuhide Yokoi (Kabuku Industrial Designer)
・Toshiya Takahashi (Technical Writer)
・Yuji Takashima (CEO of MCJ)

■ Total Prize Amount
・1 Million Yen in total
・Sales support from the hosts
・Participation Prize (all participants)

■ Entry Qualifications
・For those who are interested in designing, regardless of being a professional, amateur, or the country you come from.
・Ideas published at other awards, contests or media can also be applied.
・A Rinkak account will be needed.

■ How to apply
・Please prepare the 3D data of the design file and apply through the entry site.

※ the entry site is expected to be released in late August

■ Schedule
・Starting date: August 23, 2016
・Deadline: 23:59 October 31, 2016 (JST)
・Announcement of results: November, 2016 (planned)

■ About Unit.com Inc.

Founder: Takashima Yuji Takashima
Location:〒556-0005. 4-16-1, Nihonbashi, Naniwa, Osaka
Business areas: Original PC (iiyama PC), PC Parts, Software, PC peripherals.
PC&Smartphone fixing, setting service, data restoration,
Memory Archive Service, second-hand purchasing&selling service

■ About Rinkak

Rinkak ( https://www.rinkak.com) is a brand-new marketplace focusing on 3D pPrinting technology. By simply uploading the 3D data, customers would be able to get the products manufactured by high-quality 3D printers. On-demand strategy is applied and creators would only manufacture products when a order is received. Regarding the material, not only plastic, but also other materials, such as pottery, metal and rubber could be chosen for manufacturing. Rinkak hopes to maximize the collaboration between creators and users and customize the products that areis unique in the world.

■ About Kabuku Inc.

Utilizing the manufacturing technology as its core technology, Kabuku Inc. provides a service that combines hardware, software and design. Rinkak Business( https://www.rinkak-services.com/en/business/) provides a Business-to-Business (B2B) 3D Printing solution to other business companies. By focusing on advanced 3D Printing technology, it mainly serves as a digital-creation supporter and Industry, government and academia (IGA) researcher. In 2014, it cooperated with Dentsu, Toyota, Cconran Sshop, Calpis, Fuji Television, TBS, and Hakuhodo. In addition, Rinkak Factory (https://www.rinkak-services.com/en/factory/) provides Rinkak 3D Printing Manufacturing Management Service (Rinkak 3D Printing MMS), an i-cloud service, to 3D printing factories, and provides a partner program to support clients who want to have their things 3D printed. What’s more, it also provides a Business-to-customer (B2C) marketplace (https://www.rinkak.com/jp/?hl=en), which is now the largest 3D Printing marketplace in Asia.

━━ Company Profile ━━
【Company Name】 : Kabuku Inc.
【Location】 :Shinjuku, Tokyo
【URL】  : http://www.kabuku.co.jp
【Founder】 :Masahiko Inada
【Founded date】:January, 2013
【Business areas】:Internet-related service, Community operation, 3D CAD& CG software product development, Product designing and development, Advanced-technology research
【Contact Information】Email : contact@kabuku.co.jp