Announcement of the Results for the Kabuku and Unitcom cosponsored International 3D Print Design Contest「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK DESIGN CONTEST」
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Rinkak, the manufacturing platform for application of digital manufacturing using 3D printing, operated by Kabuku Inc.(head office:Shinjuku, Tokyo, CEO:Masahiko Inada) and Unitcom,(head office:Naniwa, Osaka, CEO: Yuji Takashima) a company providing computer parts and original personal computers, have announced the results of the international 3D print design contest「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK DESIGN CONTEST」that they have cosponsored from August 23, 2016.

This contest called for ideas to make the air vent in the front of the「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK」computer more attractive and it had three categories. Art, Design and 2D Graphic. For about two months ending on October 31st, 144 designs were submitted from creators all over the world.

After strict judging of the wonderful designs that expressed the concept of LEVEL∞(Level Infinity), “To thoroughly enjoy PC gaming life”, the grand prize was decided for a work which considered impact and harmony and changed the impression of a PC case by greatly extending beyond the air vent. A total of 16 awards were decided which include the category and sponsor awards.

Grand Prize Design

Kabuku Inc. plans to further their efforts towards “Democratization of Manufacturing” in the future by continuing to offer the “Rinkak Open Innovation Contest Package” which was utilized in this contest.

Results and details of the contest can be seen at the following special site.

■ Special Website
Within Japan(Japanese):

■ Judgment Criteria
・Originality of idea
・Artistic/Design excellence
・Ability to expand the possibility of custom design of personal computers
・Feasibility of 3D printing

■ Jury
・Tamaho Shigemura(President of Algorithm Design Lab / Architecture and Environmental Designer / BIM consultant)
・Yuji Fujimura (Autodesk Fusion 360 Evangelist)
・Yasuhide Yokoi (Kabuku Inc. Industrial Designer)
・Toshiya Takahashi (Technical Writer)
・Yuji Takashima (President and Chairman of MCJ)

■About “Rinkak Open Innovation Design Package”
It is an open innovation type contest package that allows companies and customers to develop products together. Product development can be done extremely quickly and at low cost by involving global creators in an open development method using customers and 3D printing techniques of the Rinkak manufacturing marketplace.

■ About Unitcom Inc
【Name】:Unitcom Inc
【Location】:Naniwa, Osaka City, Osaka
【Representative】: Yuji Takashima
【Established】:September 1990
【Business areas】
Original personal computers (iiyama PC), computer parts, software, computer accessory sales, computer/smartphone repair, setup and installation, data recovery service, memory archive service, second hand buying and selling

■ About Rinkak

“Rinkak”( )is a new manufacturing marketplace using digital manufacturing technology such as 3D printers. Users can manufacture and sell products with high-performance manufacturing equipment just by uploading 3D data to Rinkak. Creators can sell products from one item without having inventory because the product is manufactured on demand on a per order basis. It is possible to produce works not only in plastic but also pottery, metal and rubber. Rinkak involves highly creative creators and users in various fields and Rinkak’s goal is to be a place to discover novel and unique products from around the world.

■ About Kabuku Inc.

Kabuku Inc. ( develops products and services that fuse hardware, software and design with core digital fabrication technology. They offer 3D printing technology solutions to corporate clients, support activities of digital creators around the world and have been involved in advanced technology research with industry, government and academia. They also offer the unique 3D printing service “Rinkak” which uses a proprietary 3D analysis engine and uses an open innovation type marketing infrastructure. In 2014 Kabuku joined in a business partnership with Dentsu and has worked with Toyota, Olympus, Microsoft, Square Enix, Loft, Conran Shop, Calpis, Fuji TV, TBS and Hakuhodo. In addition, “Rinkak” has grown to be the largest marketplace for 3D printed products in Asia.

━━ Company Overview ━━
【Name】:Kabuku Inc.)
【Location】:Shinjuku, Tokyo
【Representative】:Masahiko Inada
【Established】:January, 2013
【Business areas】:Internet related services, community management, 3D CAD/CG software product R&D, product design and development, advanced technology research
【For Inquiries】Email :