Announcement of agreement between Kabuku and Dentsu to form alliance in digital fabrication field and enhance open innovation manufacturing.
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Kabuku Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku; CEO: Masahiko Inada), a market place provider applying 3D printing technology and a digital fabrication solution supplier, and Dentsu Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Minato-ku; CEO: Tadashi Ishii) announced that the two companies have entered into a business alliance agreement in digital fabrication field.

Together with Dentsu, Kabuku will develop new solution business to support “Open Innovation Manufacturing” based on “Rinkak”, an already launched worldwide manufacturing platform applying 3D printing technology. The two companies will aim to provide the platform to the client partners, and furthermore, penetrate Japanese manufacturing technology worldwide.

Details of the business alliance field are stated below.

1. Building Supply Chain in Regional Manufacturing and Creating New Concept

- Based on Rinkak platform, Kabuku and Dentsu will build “Regional Manufacturing Cloud”, a 3D print manufacturing network of local governments and factories throughout Japan.
- The two companies will integrate 3D printing and regional small companies that hold exquisite finish technology and traditional craft technique, and support co-creative product development that incorporates worldwide creators.
- The two companies will support gaining cognition and sales of the created products in the global market.

2. Collaboration Between Client Partners

-In order to develop products and services that apply corporates’ technologies and seed ideas, Kabuku and Dentsu will support ideation, business model proposal/development, and carve-out (divesture of business units).
- The two companies will enhance development of beta products, hardware prototyping and mass customization.

3. Collaboration Between Local Governments and Educational Institutions

- Kabuku and Dentsu will enhance diffusion and enlightenment activities regarding leading edge educational programs that apply 3D printing and new manufacturing.
- The two companies will enhance recruiting and networking human resources by organizing for example, workshops and contests.

■About Rinkak

“Rinkak” ( is a new production market place applying digital fabrication technology such as 3D printers. Users can have access to high-end manufacturing facilities to produce and sell by simply uploading 3D data to Rinkak. There is no need for creators to carry stocks since the products are manufactured on demand. Available materials include not only general plastics, but ceramics, metals, rubber and other various types of materials. Rinkak aims to be the platform for innovative and unique products that consumers want, with highly creative collaborations between various creators and users.

■ Digital Fabrication Solutions

Kabuku also provides networked digital fabrication such as 3D printers, to support quick delivery and manufacturing/prototyping with medium/small lot. We have mainly supported the production of novelty goods for campaigns and events, smartphone accessories and game character figurines, and products for architecture, medical and dental sectors.

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