Kabuku will be partnering up with Mitsuiwa in sales and development of a Cloud type 3D printing service
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〜Accerlerating the development of a manufacturing platform for small and medium sized companies〜

Kabuku(HQ: Tokyo, Shibuya Minato-ku, CEO: Masahiro Inada), creators of the 3D printing manufacturing printing platform 'Rinkak', and Mitsuiwa Corporation(HQ: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, CEO:Reiji Ramoto ) have decided to partner up on providing Cloud based 3D printers and services for sales and joint development.

Kabuku will be releasing its in-house developed 3D printing factory side cloud service 'Rinkak 3D Printing Manufacturing Management Service (Rinkak 3D Printing MMS) ' (https://www.3dprinting-mms.com/ja/) and 3D printer manufacturing network on August 26. Mitsuiwa Corporation will be providing this to small and medium sized companeis it currently works with as well as support other small and medium sized companies that utilize 3D printing for manfacturing.

Rinkak 3D Printing MMS is a one stop service that provides all of the essential functions a factory could ever need, with 200 factories using this service currently. Kabuku, as a partner for factories who utilize 3D printing in their manufacturing processes, will continue networking and developing this service. With Mitsuiwa Corporation's 23 sales offices nationwide and service experience, our combined strengths will propel our businesses forward.

With this partnership, Kabuku aims to accelerate developments into a digital manufacutring platform for small and medium sized companies.

【Outlines on the partnership】

■Mitsuiwa Corporation

・Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku
・CEO: Reiji Remoto (Executive Chairman)
・Established: July, 1964
・Homepage: http://www.mitsuiwa.co.jp/
・Business Outline:
・Info Devices sales and Network Devices/Transmission Device sales
・Providing System Integration and Network Integration
・Providing Info Device/Network Device/Transmission Device Hardware and Software support
・Providing System Management support service
・Info Device installation and equipment consulting/Design/Construction
・Electronic Devices and a Variety of other Electronic Devices
・Robot Integration, Automation Integration