Announcement of commencing alliances with 3D printing factories worldwide - Allied with an US manufacturer to enchance service in the North American region -
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Kabuku Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku; CEO: Masahiko Inada), a makers’ marketplace “Rinkak” provider applying 3D printing technology and a digital fabrication solution supplier announced a business alliance agreement with an US-based 3D printing factory in October 2014.

From this business alliance, an already launched worldwide 3D printing makers’ marketplace “Rinkak” can supply high quality, low cost and fast service to customers in the North America. The partner factory can use Rinkak’s information processing system such as automatic quotation, manufacturing management and delivery management, and will gain advantage of cutting operation cost drastically.

Kabuku will continue to push forward alliances with 3D printing factories in regions such as North America, Europe and Asia to expand its global service.

“Rinkak” ( is a new production market place applying digital fabrication technology such as 3D printers. Users can have access to high-end manufacturing facilities to produce and sell by simply uploading 3D data to Rinkak. There is no need for creators to carry stocks since the products are manufactured on demand. Available materials include not only general plastics, but ceramics, metals, rubber and other various types of materials. Rinkak aims to be the platform for innovative and unique products that consumers want, with highly creative collaborations between various creators and users.