Kabuku and Olympus's "OLYMPUS AIR" digital CMF product will begin work with FEEL GOOD CREATION
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Kabuku (HQ: Tokyo Shibuya-ku, CEO: Masahiko Inada) will be collaborating with the Olympus open platform camera "OLYMPUS AIR" digital CMF by joint development with FEEL GOOD CREATION. The digital CMF product will on open display in Tokyo and Aoyama at Japan's sole CMF design exhibition, 'Blue Fest' on October, 25, 2015.

Kabuku (Below, Kabuku) and FEEL GOOD CREATION (below, FEEL GOOD CREAATION) in accordance to its strategic business partnership will carry out developing the 'Digital Creation x CMF'. For achieving quick advancements in digital creation, we have tested out fused CMF design (COLOR, MATERIAL, FINISH) with added appealing surface materials, create high functionality/high quality finished products, and add new value to existing materials and standard products.
Product development up until now has continued regardless of the necessity of large budgets and time. In actuallity until the product goes on sale.