Kabuku presents its mass customization projects in the automotive industry and explains the impact of 3D printing on the logistics sector to a delegation from the German Federal Ministry of Transport
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.Kabuku Inc. (Kabuku), the leading digital manufacturing service provider in Japan, had the honor of hosting a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in the Kabuku office in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Led by Vice Minister and Member of the German Parliament Dorothee Bär, the delegation consisted of several representatives from member companies of the Logistics Alliance Germany, a public-private partnership. During a reception by the Alliance in Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo, Kabuku was furthermore given the chance to present the impact of 3D printing on the contract logistics industry to a broad audience from Germany and Japan.

The reason for the delegation visiting Japanese companies was to learn more about the influence of digitalization on the Japanese logistics industry. Kabuku supported this mission through a presentation about its mass customization projects for two Japanese automotive manufacturers. Kabuku CEO Masahiko Inada, Industrial Designer Yasuhide Yokoi and Global Business Developer Sebastian Roser explained the background and result of the projects and discussed about Kabuku’s distributed digital manufacturing platform which was pivotal for executing these projects.
For more information on mass customization via Kabuku’s Open Innovation Solution, please visit https://www.kabuku.co.jp/en/solutions/openinnovation.

Additionally Kabuku was invited by the Logistics Alliance Germany to speak on the panel “How to improve logistics processes through new technologies and digitalization” in Roppongi Hills Club in Tokyo. Sebastian Roser gave insights on the potential impact of 3D printing on the core business of contract logistics companies and presented Kabuku’s strategic partnership with Nippon Express Co., Ltd. as one move of a major logistics player to embrace this new technology.
For more information on this alliance, please visit https://www.kabuku.co.jp/en/news/pressrelease.alliance.nittsu.20170127.

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