《Event Announcement》Kabuku engineer, Yoshikai-san will be attending 「Japan Container Days v18.04」on April 19
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Kabuku engineer, Yoshikai-san will be attending the vendor-neutral event 「Japan Container Days v18.04」for the developer led by technology community on April 19 (Thurs) 2018.

■「Japan Container Days v18.04」For event details and registration info:
Event Date:April 19, 2018(Thurs)10:00 ~ 20:30
Sponsor:JapanContainerDays Team
Event Venue:Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Mitoshirochō 7, Sumitomo Fudo-Kanda Bldg 2/3 Floor. Bellesalle Kanda
Application homepage:https://containerdays.jp/
Yoshikai-san will be delivering his talk "Patterns of Batch Processing on Google Kubernetes Engine" on April 19 from 3PM on the 3rd floor 'ROOM 1'. Please come check it out!