Kabuku is named in 'ILS2017's TOP 100 Startups'
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On October, 23, 2017 at Toranomon Hills, Asia's biggest Open Innovation Conference was held: '5th Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS2017) Supporter: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Innovation' where the top 100 most popular major firms and 'Top 100 Startups' were chosen.

What is 'ILS' ?:
Launched in 2014, ILS is Asia's largest open innovation conference that matches major firms' assets with startup ideas and technology in order to create global innovation. With over 20 sessions conducted by some of the world's leading multinationals, more than 180 startup showcases and over 80 startup pitches rolling out, over 5,500 people had attended last year's conference.

Last year's new enterprise matching program, 'Power Matching', had 100 major companies and 500 startups participate. With 2,190 business discussions conducted and 1000 cases of collaborative projects created, the matching program fosters business partnerships and M&A. This event offers the opportunity to rapidly start collaborative projects for both parties.