Jun Yamada Elected As External Director to Kabuku’s Board
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TOKYO, JAPAN – Kabuku Inc. today announced the election of Jun Yamada as external director to the Board of Directors, effective immediately. Mr. Yamada, the former chairman and president of Qualcomm Japan Inc., will apply his diverse backgrounds and experience in guiding Kabuku’s Board to set the vision and strategic direction by using its core value to strengthen global business, expand service lines, increase sales performance, and enrich the Board.

Mr. Yamada, 59, began his career at Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd in 1978. He was engaged in developing digital communication systems for land, mobile and cellular, including systems for North America. In 1995, he served as technical director of AccessLine Technologies, founded by One Number Service Inc. (an NTT and NTT DOCOMO joint venture), and provided value-added telecommunication services to consumers in America. He joined Qualcomm Japan in 1998 and has worked on standards, new technology development, technology marketing, career and industry relations, and promotion of application platform - BREW®. He was appointed Qualcomm’s president and chairman in 2008. Mr. Yamada earned a bachelor's degree from Department of Electronical and Electronic Engineering of The University of Tokyo.

About Kabuku

With its core digital fabrication technology, Kabuku (http://www.kabuku.co.jp/en) develops products and services that fuse hardware, software and design. The company produces 3D printing solutions to enterprises, supports digital creators for their worldwide activities and participates in industry-government-academia research for cutting-edge technologies. Kabuku also provides Asia’s largest marketplace of 3D-printed products. In addition to its business alliance with Dentsu in 2014, Kabuku has collaborated with Toyota, Loft, the Conran Shop, Calpis, Fuji TV, TBS and Hakuhodo.