《Media Release》Discussiosn between Kabuku CEO, Inada-san and Roland Berger CEO, Nagashima-san will appear in Nikkei BigGate
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Kabuku CEO, Inada-san had discussions with Roland Berger CEO, Nagashima-san at Nikkei BigGate.

"Wa-nnovation de Ikou!" with Roland Berger CEO, Satoshi Nagashima for Nikkei BigGate is a series of lectures that discusses the necessities that are needed to make Japanese type innovations a reality as well as introducing inspirational leaders who are looking to the future.

The topic for this session will be focused on "Democratizing Manufacturing" ! With Kabuku's CEO Inada-san talking about Kabuku Connect, his career, steps to democratizing manufacturing, measures for spurring Japanese innovation, and more.

Please take a look.