Innovation Starts with Children: Kabuku and Microsoft use Minecraft to inspire about 3D Printing and Programming in Schools
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TOKYO, JAPAN- April 4, 2016- Kabuku (headquarter: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Masahiko Inada) and Microsoft Japan (headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuya Hirano) today announced the pilot tutorial project to introduce students about basic coding and digital fabrication within the fun environment of Minecraft game. This project is a model case of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Dream School Council of The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.

To truly transform education, a course of “Digital House Making” had been provided to grade six students of the Sarugaku Elementary School in Tokyo by 10 sessions with 45-minutes each. The strategy is to hold students’ attention by Minecraft game and 3D printing technology and to encourage them to learn about programming and digital fabrication to achieve the project goal of gaining problem solving skill.

In this project, Kabuku integrated “Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution” with Minecraft game that allows students to 3D print their full color digital house directly; also, a class about 3D printing technology, 3D concept and digital making things is provided.

The result of the tutorial project indicated that having 3D printed works in hand make it easier for students to compare 3D data to physical works; it also strengthens their sense of steric structure. To view students’ works, please visit Rinkak Marketplace

Kabuku will reinforce the ability and partnership with more 3D Content Providers to deliver service excellence to enable greater business growth of Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution.