On June 7, The Nikkei introduced Kabuku, a 3D Printing-related startup company in Japan, on its media.
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The Nikkei highly praised Masahiko Inada, the CEO of Kabuku, as a talent recognized by Toyota, for founding a startup focusing on 3D printing technology. In 2013, Kabuku was co-founded by Masahiko Inada, who graduated from Tokyo University and focused on artificial intelligence, and Masahiko Adachi, who also majored in artificial intelligence and developed Google Japanese Input for Android devices. The core value of Kabuku is ‘democracy of creation’ so that everyone will be able to materialize its own design. Kabuku is currently cooperating with Toyota and providing colorful and diversified 3D-printed parts for small electric cars. Now there are more than 20 members in Kabuku who come from Japan, US, Australia and other countries, and it has funded more than ¥1 billion in total.