Kabuku and Nippon Express Announce Business Tie-up for Global Logistics in the Digital Manufacturing Business〜 Building a global logistics system in the digital manufacturing areak〜
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Kabuku Inc. (head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo; CEO: Masahiko Inada; referred to below as “Kabuku”) and Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato, Tokyo; CEO: Kenji Watanabe; referred to below as “Nippon Express”) have made a business alliance to strengthen the global logistics system for the digital manufacturing business provided by Kabuku.

With this alliance, Kabuku will strengthen their global logistics structure for the digital manufacturing service for prototypes and custom orders handled by the on-demand manufacturing service “MMS Connect”. By utilizing the Nippon Express global logistics system, Kabuku expects to improve their competitiveness in digital manufacturing services. In addition, Kabuku can respond to the needs of the sophisticated manufacturing industry by providing the advanced know-how necessary for implementing global digital manufacturing services for Nippon Express.

In the manufacturing industry, it has become a pressing issue to understand, optimize and maximize efficiency for manufacturing operations for digitalization of manufacturing, IoT factories, networks and application of AI, etc., in order to diversify user needs and support the complicated supply chain. To respond quickly to changes in the global production network accompanying digital manufacturing and maintain a global network of digital manufacturing plants, Kabuku with its knowledge of digital manufacturing and Nippon Express with its global network of 662 locations in 42 countries around the world have promoted the establishment of a system for jointly conducting global digital manufacturing services.

※ 1 “MMS Connect” is an on-demand manufacturing service that supports a wide variety of manufacturing methods with a global factory network in more than 30 countries worldwide.

※ 2 A digital manufacturing factory refers to a factory that owns manufacturing equipment such as industrial 3D printers and machining centers, etc.

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