Kabuku MMS, the cloud software for 3D printing business automation, released in version 2.0 with major changes to pricing, features and UI
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Kabuku Inc. (Kabuku), the leading digital manufacturing service provider in Japan, is proud to be launching Kabuku MMS version 2.0 today. Previously marketed under the brand name “Rinkak”, MMS is from now on part of the Kabuku family of products, solutions and services. On the new website https://mms.kabuku.io Kabuku presents their latest MMS release in more detail than ever before.

This major release of Kabuku’s cloud software for 3D printing business management and automation features the following changes:

・More flexible (and economical) pricing model
・Unlimited quotations and orders for free
・New features for approaching customers online
・New feature for integrating Kabuku MMS with other cloud services
・Improved user interface
・New help desk for improved customer support
・New landing page (https://mms.kabuku.io)
・New blog

To find out more about the changes in this major release of Kabuku MMS, please visit https://mms.kabuku.io/blog/kabuku-mms-version-2-0-released .

Kabuku will be showcasing Kabuku MMS at CeBIT, the “Global Event for Digital Business” and the world’s largest IT trade show, in Hannover, Germany, from March 20 to 24, 2017 at the Japan Pavilion in Hall 12, Stand D04, (14). Interested parties in visiting the Kabuku booth at CeBIT to see a demo of Kabuku MMS are kindly asked to schedule an appointment with Sebastian Roser (contact information below) one day before the requested meeting date.

Kabuku MMS is the cloud-based solution for managing 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) businesses. MMS caters to service bureaus and job shops, in-house and contract manufacturers, makerspaces and digital fabrication laboratories (fab labs).
Kabuku MMS streamlines time-consuming business processes like quotation, support material calculation, order management, invoice generation and accounting. Additionally MMS makes it very easy for its users to approach their own customers online by providing instant quotation and ordering workflows embedded into their website, a 3D file inventory for their recurring customers and direct messaging. Via middleware, MMS integrates with numerous CRM, ERP, ticketing and other services.

━━ Company Overview ━━
[ Name ]: Kabuku Inc.
[ Location ]: Shinjuku, Tokyo
[ URL ]: https://www.kabuku.co.jp/en
[ Representative ]: Masahiko Inada
[ Established ]: January 2013
[ Business areas ]: On-demand manufacturing service, cloud-based software, digital marketplace
[ For inquiries about this release ]
Contact person: Kabuku Inc. Global Business Department – Sebastian Roser
TEL: +81-70-3826-2758
Email: sebastian.roser@kabuku.co.jp