Kabuku will be partnering up with self-driving tech company, Tier IV, to provide comprehensive support to design and on-demand manufacturing 〜
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Kabuku Inc. (HQ: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahide Inada) announces that they will be partnering up with Tier IV Inc. (HQ: Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, CEO: Kazuya Takeda) in providing design and on-demand manufacturing support. In addition, the first stage of this partnership will include the development of Tier IV's AI Mobility "Milee" with design and manufacturing support provided by Kabuku. "Milee" is a self-driving electric vehicle that acts as a ride sharing platform as well as for transportation. From December 12 (Tues) to 13 (Wed), "Milee" will be on open display at "NVIDIA GTC Japan 2017" held at Hilton Tokyo Odabai.

Kabuku will be providing comprehensive support by utilizing its extensive network of 300+ factories located around the world. From 3D printing manufacturing, cutting, injection molding and a variety of other production methods, Kabuku will also be offering on-demand manufacturing services, design and planning to help propel manufacturing. As a University venture, Tier IV provides a development platform for automatic driving technology to research institutes of many manufacturers and Universities with open source self-driving technology software to open into the world. As of now, Tier IV has already installed this technology in over 100 companies in Japan and overseas.

By utilizing Kabuku's digital manufacturing technology, the goal is to demonstrate the possibilities of cost-reduction in production from car body design to prototyping, and the reduction of development cycles required. In addition to satisfying a wide variety of customer needs, Tier IV aims to create a self-driving mobility eco-system in the future.

As the first step of this partnership, the self-driving electric vehicle "Milee" will be on display from December 12 (Tues) to 13 (Wed) at "NVIDIA GTC JAPAN 2017" held at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.

Kabuku will continue be the one stop destination for on-demand manufacturing services and designs/prototyping manufacturing.

【「NVIDIA GTC Japan 2017」Details】
・Sponsored by NVIDIA, this is the biggest GPU technology event in Japan. GTC and Global GTC provides valuable training and showcasining in AI (Artificial Intelligence), Deep learning, Medical, VR (Virtual Reality), Utility Analysis, Autonomous vehicles, etc.
・Event Date:December 12 [Tues] ~ 13 [Wed] 2017
・Event Venue:Hilton Japan Odaiba

【About Tier IV】
Tier IV is a University venture founded by Shinghei Kato who is also an Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo, Department of Information Science and Technology as well as an Associate Professor at Nagoya University Future Society Creation Organization. By incorporating state-of-the-art research results and opening it to the world as open source software, Tier IV provides a development platform for automatic driving technology to numerous manufacturers, universities and other research institutions, contributing to early practical use of automatic operations. In addition, Tier IV focuses on the development of automatic driving EV, the development of ride sharing and logistics business using automatic driving technology with a goal of creating a society where people and goods can move safely and comfortably. Using the open source self-driving software, "Autoware" as a base, a self-driving system was developed. In addition, Tier IV is working on developing a computer that utilizes Autoware, sensors, free AI in this field, as well as a data processing and anaylsis. As of now, Tier IV has already installed this system in more than 100 companies in Japan and abroad.

■About Kabuku
With the core digital fabrication technology, Kabuku Inc. develops products and services that fuse hardware, software and design. The company produces prototyping, custom ordering, on-demand mass production services, managing cloud services for digital factories, a marketplace for digital manufacturing, as well as other solutions for enterprises, and participates in industry-government-academia research in cutting-edge technologies. Kabuku has collaborated with Toyota, Honda,Olympus, Microsoft, Square-Enix, Loft, Fuji TV, TBS, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, Nippon Express, and Roland Berger.

━━Company Info━━
【Name】: Kabuku Inc.
【Headquarters】 :Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
【URL】 : https://www.kabuku.co.jp
【CEO】 :Masahiko Inada
【Established】:January, 2013
・Prototyping・Custom Ordering・On-demand mass production services
・Managing cloud services for digital factories
・Marketplace for Digital Manufacturing
・3D printing solutions to enterprises customers

【For media inquiries】
Kabuku Inc. Email: contact@kabuku.co.jp