3D Scan Solution


Capture Precious Moments with Our High Quality 3D Scan Solutions

Our user friendly 3D scan solution covers all necessary processes, from 3D scanning, data retouching, printing, and delivery.
This is a total 3D printing solution covering hardware and software that allows users to produce high quality and exemplary 3D printed figurines.

Process Flow of the 3D Scan Solution

Wide-ranging support offered from studio setup and operations, to delivery and troubleshooting.

Leave the Equipment Setup and Preparation to Us!

No matter if your business need is a permanent studio or a temporary event, we offer high quality support and consultancy for both.

Turn Moments into Lifelong Memories

It only takes 1/125 seconds to make a 3D scan so the scan can be done easily on active kids and lovely pets as well.

Scan with Friends

Couples, friends, family or pets (2 people at the most) can be scanned together, making the whole experience even more fun!

A Wide Variety of Creative Themes

This solution is suitable for wedding parties, theme parties, or special days for kids and families. It is also a very good fit for branding promotions, trade promotions, etc. To learn more, please leave your contact details. We will reply to you shortly!

Manage Scanned Images Through the Web; Retrieve Your Data Anytime

Our 3D data album is user friendly. After taking a 3D scan, users can view their 3D scans, zoom in and out, and play with their data by rotating it 360 degrees on either a PC or Smart Phone browser anywhere, anytime! When users want to place further printing orders, they can always make the extra prints through the Rinkak marketplace.



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