We provide and grow something
that will be loved throughout the ages

The Japanese word “KABUKU” comes from “kabuki”. Kabuki is said to have originated in the early 17th century when it was first performed by the dancer Izumo-no-Okuni with the most unique costume and staging and it has became one of Japanese traditional arts today. Thus “KABUKU” took root to describe a cutting edge looking and behavior with the power to bring in a new era. We believe to “KABUKU” is to discover and create new values and to foster them as a sophisticated culture. We, as a group of “KABUKU”, will create something new that the world has never seen before and that will be loved throughout the ages.

What we do

We create products and services about digital fabrications which are highly designed to suit with new hardware, new software and industrial design. We also research latest technologies about digital fabrications and diffuse them.


Masahiko Inada
President, Founder
He conducted research about AI at University of Tokyo. He was digital planner and marketer at Hakuhodo Inc., and received numerous prizes such as Cannes Lions.
Masahiko Adachi
Director, Founder
He’s interested in new technologies. AI, Java VM, Android and Cloud have grabbed his heart. And now, he’s fascinated with 3D printer. He is part of GDE(Android).
Ayako Okubo
Record of Awards >>The University Art Museum-Tokyo National University of the Arts: Permanent collection in 2004. NOKIA art award Grand prize of JAPAN in 2000.
Takuro Wada
He worked at Hitachi, ltd. as an IT architect and he is professional on system design & development. He is interested in digital fabrication and new technologies.
Atsuhiko Shimizu
He specializes in “IMC” such as new business development, marketing & advertising, contents production related to entertainment scene.
Yasuhide Yokoi
Grew up in Australia, graduated Tama Art University. At Nikon, designed e.g. DSLRs and involved in wide areas from strategy to production. Received iF, RedDot, etc.
Kenichi Takahashi
He has been working on 3D graphics programming a graphics engine for mobile devices and AR applications for many years, and also running a community Hack For Japan.
Keisuke Oohashi
He is a Google Tech Geek. Especially he loved web technology like GAS, GAE, GWT and Google APIs. He is part of GDE(Apps).
Mohr Tobias
He grew up in Germany, with multinational education background in Software Engineering with focus on digital manufacturing technology, solid geometrical generation and web rendering techniques.
Pauline Chen
She grew up in Taiwan and worked at Nestle and Yahoo. She specialized in marketing, media buy and startup. She loves to turn marvelous creatives into real work!
Norihiko Takemasa
He graduated Musashino Art University, worked at one of the most famous knife maker. He specializes in product & design development.
Yasushi Ando
He has more than 10 years of developping experience of B2C services from server side to client side including both web and smartphone.
Tadao Hanamoto
He worked at DeNA, Accenture and Oracle. He specialized in strategy, marketing, project management and cross- functional team management for 13 years.
rinkak is a digital fabrication platform such as 3D printing manufacturing. Anyone can create, sell and ship your products with only uploading 3D data.
Digital Made Magazine is a daily web media which serves the latest information about digital fabrication like 3D printing.
Atsuhiko Shimizu of Kabuku Inc., was interviewed about our service by NIKKEI SANGYO SHIMBUN.
"urushi", Japanese Lacquer X 3D print project was featured by SOTOKOTO.
Rink Announces Mass Customized Automobile Parts for TOYOTA i-ROAD
Rinkak Marketplace announces “Indigo Dye x 3D Print Design Challenge”
The CEO will appear on a panel discussion of " EY Building a better working world" at 30th June 2015.
Kabuku and Lancers Form Strategic Alliance for 3D Modelling Human Resource
Launch Cloud-based Business Management Service for 3D Printer-Equipped Factories
Rinkak launches "3D Figure Printing Solution” nationwide in Japan
"urushi", Japanese Lacquer X 3D print project was featured by Togyo Jiho.
Kabuku and FEEL GOOD CREATION Shift to New Surface Design (CMF) Business Alliance
Print in Wood! Make your 3D Wood Like Prints with Rinkak
The birth of “urushi”: 3D printing meets traditional Japanese lacquer art
MASAHIKO INADA, CEO of Kabuku Inc., was selected as presenter at New Economy Summit 2015.
"SUMISAYA", Katana X 3D print project was featured by Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun.
Rinkak launches 3D printing shop for “Salone del Mobile Milano 2015” exhibited works, designed by Japanese young creators
TV program "N Sta" by TBS will feature Rinkak and our projects driven by 3D printers.
We will exhibit "VOXKE" at the event "Mama Sacas" by TBS.
Yasuhide Yokoi, an industrial designer of Kabuku Inc., gave speech to "HCAP Tokyo Conference 2015" at the US Embassy.
The Strategic Manager No.341 introduced our service on its media.
Nikkei Shimbun introduced our service "Drawing APP for 3D printing VOXKE" on its media.
Announce the release of “Rinkak U.S.”: 3D printing service & marketplace in the United States.
Announcement of “Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program”
Exhibited "SUMISAYA", Katana X 3D print project at an event corresponding to Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015 in India, which invites worldwide dignitaries such as Prime Minister Modi.
"SUMISAYA" will be introduced in the TV show "Compass of Money" (TV Tokyo) from 11:30 on Dec. 27
Established "kabuku US, Inc." on 3rd Dec, 2014.
Total prize $10,000! Rinkak announces “3D Printing Design Contest”
Announcement of the world’s first art product integrating traditional Japanese katana swords and 3D printers.
Announcement of commencing alliances with 3D printing factories worldwide - Allied with an US manufacturer to enchance service in the North American region -
Regarding Media Reports on “Rinkak 3D Print Cloud for Business”
Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun introduced our service on its media.
Makers 3D printing market place Rinkak, organized by Kabuku receives “Good Design Award 2014, Best 100”.
Announcement of agreement between Kabuku and Dentsu to form alliance in digital fabrication field and enhance open innovation manufacturing.
Launched a new 3D printing web API for business partners
Masahiko Inada, the CEO of Kabuku Inc., made a presentation at the Morning Pitch "Startups in new business domains".
SAITAMA SHIMBUN picked up "VOXKE" on the paper.
Designed and manufactured a multi-functional iPhone 5 bumper.
We will exhibit "VOXKE" at the event "Kids Day" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Launch of world's first accessories integrating 3D printing technologies and Japanese traditional crafts.
SankeiBiz introduced our service on its media.
SENKEN SHIMBUN picked up rinkak & kabuku on the paper.
Kabuku will lecture at 3D printing integrative course "GIONSALONE -Innovation by WA-".
We were interviewed about Project Ara by NIKKEI ELECTRONICS
kabuku Inc. announces the procurement of a 200 million yen(about US$2M) of financing led by CyberAgent Ventures and others.
We redesigned our website
We launched new project "rinkak 3D collage", 3D figure creating service with your face picture
kabuku offers 3D printing lecture at GION SALONE - Japanese Innovation -
kabuku offers lectures about 3D printing as a business-academia collaboration project with Tohoku University of Art and Deisgn
CALPIS OASIS , web service to create your original bronze statue with 3d printing
We launched new 3D printing brand "mOment"
3D Printable Map service Launch Announcement
THE CONRAN SHOP uses the 3D modeling application "VOXKE", Collaboration Campaign Announcement
The guidebook on 3D printing, "Practical Guide on 3D Printing", Publication Announcement
Drawing APP for 3D Printing "VOXKE" & rinkak 3D Print Cloud API Modeling Engine Launch Announcement
rinkak 3D Print Cloud API Launch Announcement
rinkak Launch Announcement
Completion of Payment for New Shares Issued Through Third-Party Allotments
rinkak(http://www.rinkak.com) Closed Beta Announcement
Found kabuku Inc
Company Name
kabuku Inc.
CEO Masahiko Inada
Description of Business
Development, Design, Research and Operation of integrated(hardware and software) web service, 3DCAD/CG software.
Dai-go Shimizu Bldg.,4F,3-26-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,150-0002,JAPAN