We provide and grow something
that will be loved throughout the ages

The Japanese word “KABUKU” comes from “kabuki”. Kabuki is said to have originated in the early 17th century when it was first performed by the dancer Izumo-no-Okuni with the most unique costume and staging and it has became one of Japanese traditional arts today. Thus “KABUKU” took root to describe a cutting edge looking and behavior with the power to bring in a new era. We believe to “KABUKU” is to discover and create new values and to foster them as a sophisticated culture. We, as a group of “KABUKU”, will create something new that the world has never seen before and that will be loved throughout the ages.

What we do

With the core digital fabrication technology, we develop services that fuse hardware, software and design for enterprise, digital creator, and factory. At the same time, we also participate in industry-government-academia research for cutting-edge technologies.


Masahiko Inada
President, Founder
He conducted research about AI at University of Tokyo. He was digital planner and marketer at Hakuhodo Inc., and received numerous prizes such as Cannes Lions.
Masahiko Adachi
Director, Founder
He’s interested in new technologies. AI, Java VM, Android and Cloud have grabbed his heart. And now, he’s fascinated with 3D printer. He is part of GDE(Android).
3D Printing Business Packages will boost sales by leveraging our wide variety of 3D printers and digital fabrication packages.
Kabuku strengthens on-demand manufacturing service with patent-pending AI manufacturing methods and factory optimization technology〜Portfolio of strategic patents for on-demand manufacturing services〜
Kabuku and Nippon Express Announce Business Tie-up for Global Logistics in the Digital Manufacturing Business〜 Building a global logistics system in the digital manufacturing areak〜
Announcement of the Results for the Kabuku and Unitcom cosponsored International 3D Print Design Contest「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK DESIGN CONTEST」
Kabuku develops a sales support system for hybrid manufacturing 3D metal printers 〜Complicated estimation is greatly simplified and sped-up〜
Kabuku industrial designer Yasuhide Yokoi will host special lecture at MIT in US
Rinkak & Unitcom will Co-hold the International 3D Printing Contest 「LEVEL∞ AIR VENT HACK DESIGN CONTEST」extend the limit before 31th Oct.
Company Name
Kabuku Inc.
CEO Masahiko Inada
Description of Business
Development, Design, Research and Operation of integrated(hardware and software) web service, 3DCAD/CG software.
1F Watabishi Building, 5-17-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. 160-0022,JAPAN